Mira, Latin for 'wonderful' or 'astonishing'

Inspired by modern day exploration.

Mira Star designs are inspired by a mixture of two strong elements in my life: the love for everything designed and the need for escapism, and a breath of fresh air. 
Each season focuses on a new destination and its culture.

 Mira Star is a multidisciplinary, independent design brand and a social project located between Berlin and Tel Aviv. 

Our line of handmade jewelry reflects a subtle approach to details, offer a balance between colors, pattern work and minimalism and leave enough space for the one wearing it make it their own.
We thrive to sustainability by being a only handmade studio creating pieces of lasting quality with minimal and high quality material use. 

mirastar was founded in Berlin, started as a school project and later on became a brand on its own right. founded by Maya Karmazin naming it after her grandmother.

Bond of community has remained a key part in the communication of  the brand, we strongly believe in success by doing good for the local community.
5% precent of our profit will be donated to a non-profit fund that aim to support and promote the arts in the disadvantaged populations.

Jump, Soar, Land, Made It.